GOLDCROP Diamond Intensive Silage


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General purpose mixture designed for grazing and 2 cut silage swards.

High yielding intermediate heading mix suitable for 2 to 3 high producing silage crops

FINTONA (T) 2.00 kgs
ROSETTA 2.50 kgs
SOLOMON 3.50 kgs
BARBLANCA (White Clover) 0.50 kgs
TOTAL 12.00 kgs


Tetraploid (T) 39%


  • Essential tight heading date range at 3 days
  • Exceptional spring growth
  • Very high two cut silage yields
  • First cut silage ready to cut from 15th May to 25th May, depending on closing date


Sow at 14-16kg per acre
Available without clover in a 12 kg pack

Grass / Lawn seed

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