ELLO Contactless Fence Meter (€32.50, inc. VAT) 125428001


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Electronic high volt meter

Technical data:

  • 7 measuring LED levels
  • Indicator for battery discharge
  • Sound signal
  • Power supply 9V
  • Power consumption during measurement appr. 15mA
  • Dimensions: 148x49x22mm
  • IP52

Working principles:

    • The electronic FENCE METER is used to measure the voltage on electric fences.


    • The unit shows 7 measuring levels. To do the measuring of the voltage,


    • the FENCE METER must be hold near to the fence.


    • When the voltage pulses appears in the LED display


    • it comes together with an acoustic signal.


    If during the measurement the LED “low bat” appears, the battery has to be change directly.


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