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Unleash the power of millions of nature’s good bacteria

Liquids can not be sent outside of Ireland.

Septic Tank Solutions

Our Septic Tank product Bio-Oxy contains millions of living bacteria. Each 4 litre container of Bio-Oxy contains these good bacteria that digest unwanted microbes that cause bad odours.

Our unique gel formula extends the life and potency of the bacteria, improving their ability to attach to Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG), degrade unwanted bacteria and prevent blockages.

These good bacteria are time released into your septic tank system to provide longer-term protection. They typically achieve 100% activity when compared to freeze-dried bacteria, which at best only achieve a low level of activity when applied to a septic tank.

  • Effective treatment before inspection
  • Eliminates bad odours
  • Helps prevent soakaway blockages
  • Reduces tank emptying costs
  • Reduces the use of harmful detergents, bleaches and disinfectants in the household
  • Cost effective solution
  • Safe for humans, animals, plant and aquatic life
  • Guaranteed Irish Product

First Year Recommended dosage of Bio-Oxy: 4 litres at 4 months intervals

Second Year and thereafter: 1 – 2 dosages of 4 litres of Bio-Oxy

Natural Bio Solutions provides sustainable solutions for the resolution of domestic septic tanks.

Add the best and let nature do the rest!


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