BIO-OXY Hurry Slurry 199101 (Special Introductory Price of €45, inc. VAT)


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Standard Price is €65, including VAT. Available now at a Special Introductory Price of €45, inc. VAT!

Available Now at a Special Introductory Price of €45!

Bio-Oxy Hurry Slurry is a guaranteed Irish product, and it works Super Fast!

It releases millions of good natural bacteria;

Breaks down fibrous material quicker;

Increases available nitrogen;

Reduces ammonia;

Is easier to agitate and spread;

Is suitable for organic farming;

and saves you Time and Money!

Hurry Slurry creates a more balanced dynamic microbial environment in yor slurry, activating and optimising the slurry condition to a more usable and valuable product.

A mix of slurry bacteria and Bio-Oxy Agri Pro bacteria will optimse the best conditions to fertlizie the soil.

The result is quicker breadown of the fibrous material, retention of Nitrogen in a form that is more available for plant growth and getting your pasture back to best condition faster.

Typically, Hurry Slurry sells for €65, but we’re offering an introductory price of €45, because we know, once you’ve tried it, you’ll love it.

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